Monday, August 13, 2007

Humble Abodes

So...Roger and I have been looking for houses to move into as of late. We are tired of the tiny apartment we are currently occupying, and wish to settle down. We don't *plan* on moving again, we want to buy a house and not have to leave it; However, things may happen in life that could force us to uproot later down the road.

Well, because we don't plan on leaving, we want to find a house that will fit our needs now, and when they change later (children, dogs, more junk, etc.). We both discussed what we require-at least 3 bedrooms, nice sized bathroom, not too tiny of a kitchen, decent schools-, and what would be nice but not necessary-attic fan, fireplace, 1 1/2 to 2 bathrooms, garage, some hardwood floors, Central Heating and AC.

My mom tells me earlier in the week about this house in Tulsa that had 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a pool, but that it was going on auction. The starting bid is $10,000 and there is an open house for it on the 12th.
On the 11th, we checked out a house in Owasso (because I would love to actually live in Owasso). It was terribly run down and was a moderate fixer-upper. I was a little discouraged to find out that decent houses in Owasso are going for more than our price range.

So, yesterday we check out the auction!!
It is my dream house, it spoke to me, and it is beautiful-inside and out.
In a nutshell: Great neighborhood, great school district, some hardwood floors, breakfast nook, decent kitchen, attic fan, fireplace, wet bar, pool, huge bathroom, decent sized rooms, and the master bedroom is so awesome.
Here's a link, if you're interested in pictures, but they don't do it justice.
Anywho, the auction is Saturday, and I am going to the auction, but we are not having high hopes that we will be able to afford it. The houses in that area are selling for $100,000 and more. *pouts sadly* I need lots of crossed fingers! *winks*

After we checked out my dream house, we look around at some others I had listed. We couldn't go inside them yet, but we will be doing that today. We just wanted to mark off ones that were in cruddy areas, and/or looked bad on the outside-foundation damage, major roof damage, and the like. We narrowed down my list from 12 to 7, and I'm hoping to be able to see the insides of those 7. Maybe we can narrow it down some more, and find a second dream house, but I doubt I'll find one that called to me like the auction house did.

Anyways, I'll keep this updated.


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