Monday, February 27, 2006

Opposite of Johari

Please be honest, **PLEASE** leave your name so I know who you are, and try this opposite window. Thank you.


Blogger E. Spificus said...

AAAAHHH!! I did your Nohari window! Are you happy?! I need a nap now...
Oh, and btw, I think some nutjob flamed you on the window. I'm pretty sure they have special "places" for those people...

10:16 PM  
Blogger Travel-Bug said...

That was harder than I thought it would be. All the words seemed much too strong and some of the things I would have chosen weren't on the list.

*hugs you*

4:36 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Wow...Thanks to E for the support. The Nohari was quite a lot more difficult to come up with the answers for. Yours took a good half hour at least. It is easy to see a person's good qualities, for those are the ones they prize and flaunt to others, but not so easy to see their negative ones.

Thank you Stacey. You got 5 out of the 6 that I chose. Who knows me well? ;o) ::hugs::

Now, I know I asked for the commenters to be honest. But it would seem to me that "N" was just selecting the most "cruel" words, the ones they thought would hurt me the most. The very least they could have done was left their name, and not be so cowardice and "selfish." Is it more "childish" and "foolish" to accept that I have flaws, and am not perfect, or to claim that I have no flaws, and/or can not accept or even admit the ones that I do have? I do accept your points of view even though I do not agree with them, and because I don't agree with them, they were not hurtful to me in the slightest. I am not the whole hearted ugly person you have tried to paint me to be. Those who actually care to know me, know better, so you obviously don't know who I am.

It also would appear to me, that "you" were choosing words, that in your own heart, fit your own soul, more than they fit mine.

Please take your unkind, cold, and unforgiving heart and your words hurt me no more.

4:41 PM  
Blogger E. Spificus said...

Bravo to your last comment. You are a strong person that doesn't have to put up with anyone's hateful attitude. Life's too short to deal with that shit ;-)

2:29 PM  

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