Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I Have A Good Man

--Night before last I had a really strong insecure moment. Now, give me credit, I haven't had one since I got with Roger. I started feeling really insecure about myself and our relationship...I don't know why, and I'm surprized that it took this long for me to feel that way. I have them with every relationship I've ever been in, including friendships even. Usually they end up in me pushing the other person away. Well, Roger was asleep when I started having it, so I waited until last night to talk with him about it. It was hard for me to talk about because insecure things are hard to talk about, hard to put into words, and hard because you are afraid of the other person's reaction. Most guys push them off as you being silly, overreacting, and worrying for no reason.

I have to say, that Roger passed with flying colors..I told him, as best as I could, how I felt and wanted to know what he thought. He told me that he really appreciates me talking to him about it, because he knows it was hard for me. He said that my feelings are duely noted and that he will try to help with them. He also said that he wants me to feel comfortable talking to him, and not worry about it. He told me that he is really happy with me, that he believes we are doing really good, and that he loves me.

Not only did he make me feel so much better, but the insecurities went away. That has never happened...He is so good to me, how did I get so lucky? He is everything and more of what I wanted in my future partner. Now, everyone keeps asking when the wedding is. To answer that, we are taking our time, enjoying each other, and each other's company, and maybe one day we will think about getting married. But for now, we are happy with where we are. I love him, how could I not? :o)

--Oh, and since I haven't been working, I've been rather bored. I made a new toe ring, with some pretty purple beads from Stacey. I got them for my birthday/Christmas. I also fixed the other one that I had already. I made it years ago and it needed fixing up. And, I painted my toes. Here's a pic.

I've also got some more photos to share of my babies. I just can't resist!
Sugar, in my laundry basket again, the little scoundrel.
Ginger, after her surgery. She survived getting her female bits removed, awwww...She's okay though, doing alot better, not driving me crazy anymore, frisky again, and growing frantically.
The two of them together. I love those crazy cats.
And, of course, Roger. Omg, he'd kill me if he knew I posted this picture...


Blogger Dawn said...

Roger sounds like the kind of guy who would hold your hair while you throw up -- in other words, a keeper. Don't rush on the wedding. In my opinion, too many people rush. Like you said, enjoy each other for a while.

Cute kitties. Wish I could have one.

3:56 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

He didn't hold my hair, but he cuddled me on the floor and made little cooing/I-feel-sorry-for-you noises everytime I threw-up. Granted, it was in the middle of the night, he was sleeping, woke up and noticed that I wasn't in bed, then joined me in the bathroom. So that made it even better.

Yes, he is definately a keeper, I love him more than words can help me with.

Our entire relationship was built on not rushing, taking our time. From the time we met, all through our talking period (we met online, if you didn't know), up to when we actually got up the nerve to talk on the phone, to actually meeting. We took everything one step at a time, and built up on a strong foundation of friendship. From day one, he was everything all my other boyfriends were not. He actually meant what he said, and still does. He wanted to take things slow, never made a move on me, and never pushed me into anything. I think an engagement will go exactly the way the rest of our relationship has gone, slow and steady, when we're ready, but worth the wait. :o)

I love my kitties. <3 Why can't you have one?

9:18 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I've been living in campus housing (fours at WSU and then in NOLA), and you can't have pets in campus housing.

11:46 AM  
Blogger feetman78 said...

pretty toes

2:16 PM  

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