Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Room

If you wish to take this "quiz" take it before you read mine, get your own results, and then you can read mine. It's kind-of neat at how close to realistic it is.

The James Gang: Creative: The Room

Your Room

The Window:

Your Attitude
Your choice of the "wild flowers" window reveals a naturally optimistic personality. You are a colorful, earthy, wild, vibrant, blossoming, bending,nurturing, and air-headed thinker. You are not neat or tidy -- in fact you enjoy chaos and have learned to co-exist with seedy life around you. Your fascination with natural childbirth has meant that you have sown your seeds far and wide. You are into natural regeneration in your personal environment. You feast on granola, acorns and grass and No Doubt swam naked at Woodstock, or a Tragically Hip, Willie Nelson, Fleetwood Mac, Marianne Faithful, PJ Harvey or some such concert.

The Music:
Your Lover
You rock while your partner rolls creating a pulsing beat that reaches to your very core. Your passion is deep and demanding, yet can often be fickle as it is pulled from one trend to the next, constantly trying to find a real hot groove.
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The Pictures:

Your Relationships
Revealing an adventurous, possibly madcap person who scavenges friends and relations from the scrap-metal heap of life and then through superior insight helps them to realize their fine talents so they too may soar above the clouds in riveting pirouettes of grace and death-defying stunts.

The Garbage:

Your Problems
Problems are no stranger to you. Your generous, hard-working nature has left you open to everyone dumping their problems on you daily. While this would cause worry and stress for lesser mortals, you have accepted your lot in life with maturity and humility, understanding that other people's problems are bringing you one step closer to salvation.

The Clock:

Your Future
Your future is in plastics. Like the character (Dustin Hoffman) from The Graduate, you recognized early on the importance of plastic to maintaining a beautiful, hard body glowing with good health. Your face is a reflection of your quirky energy and ability to conceive new ideas with innovative flair. You have a long life ahead of you which is well warranted for one who radiates such happiness.


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