Friday, January 06, 2006

Stolen From D

Thanks D:

My Hobbit Name is Rosie-Posie Boffin of Needlehole. Whoa.
Roger's is Wilcomb Bracegirdle of Hardbottle.

My Elven Name is Lúthien Calafalas.
Roger's is Ecthelion Súrion.

Full Wizard
Fineto! You scored 80%!
Wow! Impressive. "We can expect great things from you." You must have read the books several times or are just really good at remembering which spell does what. I myself didn't know all the spells until I started writing this test. haha... In any case, if you wanna talk "Harry Potter" with someone, message me. I love meeting other Harry Potter enthusiasts!

Harry Potter Spells Test

" The good fuck"
You are 72 fuckable!
You're about as fuckable as most people, which is not bad. Actually, it's quite healthy! You know how to act and what's appropriate. You know when it's the time and place for what. And people can use that to see you erotically. It's no surprise that you can attract a good number of people. You're what they want! A realistic babe who knows when to get a bit wild! Yeah, I'd fuck you!

How Fuckable Are You?


Blogger Dawn said...

Hey, I'm always up for a bit of aimless time wasting! ::grin::

4:41 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

hehe, Oh yea! ::grins::

8:25 PM  

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