Thursday, February 02, 2006

So, Such, and Blah

--Okay, so, since the New year, the district of Hobby Lobby decided that we weren't making enough money (1.4 billion a year just isn't enough) and that the entire district needed to cut their budget...meaning...EVERYONE's hours got cut, if not in half then more. So what have I been doing? I worked a total of 16 hours last week and this week....that amounts to 3 days a week.

Well, that would be all fine and dandy, because I had school stuff to straighten out anyways (tests to finish up, degree plans to look at, etc..), BUT I don't have my car. I am forced to borrow my mother's luxery car (and we all know how that one turned out last time I had to borrow her car, here's a reminder). So, I only drive the beast when I have to, plus it takes premium gas. I can't afford my own gas, let alone premium, and it makes me nervous as hell. Especially at night, or on narrow roads, or next to a concrete median. ::shudders::

Well, since my car is broken down, and we're not sure what's wrong with it, I don't have a lot of spending money....I reaallllly wanted to see Underworld 2 ::pouts pathetically::

--Then, such, Roger's been pretty sick for the last week and a half, so I've been mothering him, trying to make him better. I love him, and I hate to see him sick. Of course he teases me and says it's my fault because I'm usually ALWAYS sick, and now I haven't been since the shots. :oD

--Blah...I will have to change one of my answers from the tagging below..."Four Websites You Visit Daily:" Lynlee changed her journal over to a password protected one, and now I don't visit her journal at all anymore. So if you notice a lack of comment posting from me, that's why. So I guess I'll change the answer to my mail. Either Yahoo! mail, or my Cox Webmail.


Blogger Dawn said...

Sixteen hours -- that sucks ass.

Regarding Underworld 2 -- guess I should be a nice pal and not mention that it has one of the hottest love scenes I've ever seen, huh? Especially when one already considers Scott Speedman to be completely yummy, and he goes around with his shirt off A LOT, and he has a really cute bare rear end.

Oops! Sorry -- got a little carried away there.

5:44 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

::Cries uncontrollably:: NOT FAIR!! omg..I needed new panties after watching the first one...::drools:: not to mention the fact that Kate Beckinsale is so yummy as a vampire in leather....mmmmm....(

You are so tortureous...::pouts::

11:09 PM  
Anonymous catlin said...

Underworld 2 is a fun movie with plot holes the size of the grand canyon. :-) So decide if you want a movie with great action scenes (and a good sex scene) or a movie with good science and good plot.

12:30 AM  
Blogger E. Spificus said...

Amanda--You should come up to Wichita and work with me. You'll have so many hours, you won't know what to do with them... And Underworld 2 does indeed have some pretty nekkid scenes. Just don't try to follow the storyline too closely or you'll hurt yourself like I did ;-)

1:31 AM  

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