Sunday, February 19, 2006

What The Hell...Why Not...

((Why are the question numbers out of sync? ::laughs::))

1. Are you wearing shoes?
Nope, was snowed in, and haven’t gone anywhere.

2. What’s the third letter in your name?

3. How old is(are) your pet(s)?
Sugar is close to 6 years, Ginger is close to 6 months.

4. What color is your backpack?
Purple, of course.

5. Are you sick?
Depends on the meaning of “sick.”

6. Do you go to school?
When I can.

7. Is the bathroom door open?

8. Are you on a laptop?
Not today

9. Are you watching MTV?

11. Do you have eyeliner on?
Nope, I don’t wear makeup, unless it’s a very special occasion.

12. Is it early?
Early what, and for whom?

13. Are you blonde?
Oh, no..I was born blonde, and would be if I didn’t dye, hehe.

14. Do you have a myspace?

15. Are you in high school?
No. Thank God.

16. Do you watch Anime?
Occasionally. The porn is cute, :ob

17. Ever been in love?
Twice. The second is much deeper. I love you, Roger. xoxo

19. What color is your bathing suit?
Both are black. One has white polka dots, the other has little white stars.

21. Did you go on vacation last month?
Umm…No. I had enough time off from my foot accident.

22. Have you ever been on a cruise?
Nope, but I heard the Caribbean is nice…::pouts::

23. Do you have a sister?
Two. One older half, Jennifer, and one younger, Miranda. Miranda’s probably my best friend. Awww…!

24. Are you upstairs?
Yes, actually. Upstairs apartment.

25. Do you have a friend named Alex?
Why…? Who wants to know? ::raises an eyebrow::

27. Does your name end with a Y?
Umm…depends…am I “Amanda” to you? Or am I “Mandy”?

28. What was the last thing you said?
“I love you, goodnight,” to Roger, because he went to bed.

29. Are your ears pierced?
Both lobes twice, and left cartilage.

30. Own a digital camera?
Yes, thanks to My Love.

31. Do you live in florida?

32. Do you like florida?
I wouldn’t live there unless I had to. Too many hurricanes and way too warm for my tastes.

33. Ever had sushi?

34. Are you listening to rock at the moment?
Nope, Roger’s a-sleeping. No sound but the fan, the heater kicking on and off, and a light snore. :oD

35. What color is your chair?
Charcoal Gray, almost blue I think. IDK, it's dark in here.

36. Where’d you get your underwear?
Umm…from my underwear drawer?

37. Do you type with your feet?

38. Have you dyed your hair red?
Yes, thus why I’m not blonde. ::grins::

39. Are you tired?
Yes, About to go to bed.

40. Do you go on the computer a lot?
As often as possible.

41. Are you an idiot?
Nope. I consider myself to be fairly intelligent, thanks to my daddy's genes.

42. What’s outside now?SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

44. Are you “fake” at times?
I know when to act “proper,” like at work. People actually think I’m innocent, hehe.

45. Is alcohol bad for the soul?
In excess, most definitely.

46. Are you bored?

47. What time is it?
1:20 a.m.

49. Chocolate or peanut butter?
Hmmm…definitely a mix between the two.

50. How many kids would u like?
It'll depend on what Roger and I decide, later down the road.

51. Own a necklace?

52. Do you think someone’s cool?
Cool man, as in body temp?

53. CDs or Cassette?

54. Ever been through or to Detroit?
Not that I’m aware of.

55. Seen all of the American Pies?
The first three. I haven’t gotten around to “Band Camp” yet.

56. Been to the movie theatre the past month?
Yuh-huh. Underworld, hehe.

57. Like someone?
Just one someone?

58. Ever been on a plane?
Yes. Please no more.

59. What color is your toothbrush?
Purple, of course.

60. Fave Band?
I can't only pick one. :o(


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