Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

This was the first V-day that I actually had a sweetie. Before Roger, I've never had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day. It was a nice change. We ate chinese, went walking around the mall, and saw Underworld: Evolution (Okay, those of you that said the plot was wonky, did not pay attention to the first movie very well. The plot made sense and intertwined with the first Underworld. ::shrugs::).
-->Side note: Damn fine eye candy in this movie ::drools:: Between Selene, Michal, and Marcus....Whoo!<--
Okay, back on subject. My Loot. My daddy picked me up at work and took me to lunch at Red Robin's. Okay food, service sucked. The little box of "Choxie: Snowflakey Truffles" are from my daddy. They are yummy Belgian chocolate truffles!
The card, single rose, and box of Russell Stovers is from my love. Awww! (He told me, "DO NOT post that picture [of me]. I don't want to see it on your blog!" Oops...I just can't help myself, he's just too sessy!). Here's a pic of the inside of the card. The little pictures are on a spring, so they bounce around on the inside. ::grins::
Then a girl that I work with, Jodi, got a visit from her husband. Well, he came in with an armload of little carnations and passed them out to all the females saying, "Happy Valentine's Day." Needless to say, I got one. The little red flowers are from Jodi's husband.
So, I had a very good day. :oD

And here's the most adorable pic I've taken of them so far. Just to share.


Blogger Travel-Bug said...

I'm so happy to hear your man is spoiling you properly! Glad your day was great!

1:56 PM  
Blogger E. Spificus said...

I'm very glad you had a good V-day, even though that entire post made me slightly nauseous ;-)

2:05 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Stac: He said he only got me one rose because next year he's going to get me two, and then three, and so on. Maybe there is a little romantic in there somewhere. ::grins::

E: LOL! :oD Hey! I haven't been super mushy in awhile, and v-day is definately an excuse to do so, hehe.

::hugs to all you ladies:: I hope you all had good ones too. :o)

6:50 PM  
Blogger E. Spificus said...

Let's see. What did I do on Valentine's day....I ate a bunch of chocolate almond ice cream from Braums and downloaded a bunch of Def Leppard songs. Talk about exciting...

2:45 PM  
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