Sunday, June 26, 2005

Still Nervous

--I did take my test yesterday. I had to leave my house at 6:30am. YUCKIE!! hehe anywho, the doors opened at 7:30am and there was a line of people. We had to wait for them to direct us to our classrooms, put our phones in a box, and then wait in the classrooms for the teacher to go over the normal blurb before tests like that. You know what I'm talking about, the blah blah blah stuff that says, "do not open your test until told to do so." So the test was alotted 4 hours, and I used every second until they said "time's up." It consisted of about 100 questions and a written 4 page essay over whether you agreed or disagreed that community service should be required for high school students to graduate. Then the actual questions were so...dumb, heh. The reading comprehension took up most of the first half, then the math questions were easy, even for me. Then there was some really strange humanities, science, and even religious questions. I hope I did well, but I will be nervous about it until I get the results.

--I heard something kind-of interesting from a guy I work with. I really get along well with him (but then again, who do I not really get along with in some way?) and he told me that the thought I was Wiccan. I asked him why he thought that and he said that he has quite a few friends who are and usually he can tell by a person's additude and outlook on things. He said that he was sorry for assuming that, but most Wiccans are very self assured and have a generous nature (the ones he knows anyways), and he was just fairly certain that I was one. Then when I told him that I wasn't, he said, "well it wouldn't have surprized me if you'd said you were." lol. I guess that was a compliment, lol.

--I went to the gym on the only day I didn't close (Friday after work) and weighed myself. I have been staying at the 286-288 range and that makes me very excited. It means I'm not only losing the weight, but I'm keeping it off as well! yay! Now I just need to keep losing as well, ::winks:: :oD


Blogger Lynlee said...

I'm sure you did great on the test. We'll celebrate when I visit.

I honestly wouldn't be suprised if you were pagan either. You are quite open minded, as many pagans tend to be.

Woo-hoo on the losing it and keeping it off! Even after a car wreck and months worth of vacations! Awesome!

10:52 AM  

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