Thursday, May 05, 2005

Wow, Two Days in a Row..

Maybe I will be able to keep this up again.

--Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic from...we'll call her Lorr, since that is her nickname in World of Warcraft. She is nervous in sending me one, I'm not sure why. She will when she feels up to it. I hope.

--I went to the Gym today, and swam. I joined Bally's in Tulsa, and I am planning to go as often as I possibly can. Since I am finishing this semester tomorrow, I will be able to go after work almost every day. I love the pool, steam room, and hot tub there. I am hoping to maybe lose some of my chunk. I got to thinking one day..if I have this much sex appeal and I'm so fat, what kind of attention would I get if I were thin? *smirks* Maybe that's not really my inspiration for going, but I can kidd.

--I've been getting some really killer headaches lately, and it kind of worries me a little. It doesn't matter what i take, nothing helps. I wonder if it's allergy headaches. Oh! Then I realized something while I was at work today..I had noticed that my asthma inhaler wasn't working when I needed it to, well I found out why. It expired in 2003! O.o I know, a real observant one I am. So I had my mom call the doctor, since I was at work, and ask him to call me in a new perscription. Now maybe it will work when I want it to, heh.

--I've been feeling kind-of shitty lately. Just not myself really. A mutual friend ((Tal)) of what used to be what I once thought was a really good friend of mine ((Tel)) told me that Tel called me an uncaring heartless bitch, and told Tal that he was wasting his time talking to and wanting to be with me. Isn't that nice? I don't even know where the negativity came from..I was never anything but nice to him. *shrugs* who knows? I sure as the hell don't understand. But then again, I never understand how people can be so mean and thoughtless..He had to have known that what he said would have gotten back to me...:o( But we "parted ways" a couple of months ago, and I cried for days about the loss of that friendship, I will not let him get to me like that anymore.

--I'm so looking forward to visiting Kansas again. Stacey has been my best friend for so long, and had been so good to me. Al had been so even longer.

--i'm also going to visit Scott and Crystal the weekend of the 14th, that should be fun too. There is an IFGS event on the 14th, and my sister and I are going to stay with them that Friday night, Saturday night then expect to be home Sunday afternoon.

I need to hit the sack, to try and kill this horrible headache...i send my huggies and smoochies.


Blogger Lynlee said...

Sorry you didn't get the pic... Some people are still slightly wary of the internet.

Good for you for going to the gym! You are a beautiful woman whether you weight 110 or 610 - but it's always good to do things that make us feel good about oursevles.

I get nasty tension headaches occasionally... I hate taking drugs so I go to the chiropractor amd it's gone within the hour. I highly recommend seeing one.

You already know my thoughts on the guy situation... Ego, ego, ego...

I hope you have a good time visiting later this month. Hope I'll be able to steal a few moments of your time ;)

9:52 AM  

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