Wednesday, May 04, 2005

For My Only Adoring Fan...

Okay, I will try to fill in the cracks as much as I possibly can.
--I went to Morgan's baby shower on Friday, it is now Tuesday.
**I Love you too Morgan**
My mother and sister came along, and we drove to Kansas. Morgan said she was okay with me staying at Al and Stacey's new house, since sleeping space was limited at her house, so they came and got me ((A&S couldn't stay because Morgan's mother had a fit after hearing his name. My mother told me after we got home that Amy tried to tell her what a horrible, awful person he was for what he did to her daughter and my mother told her that he'd always been a good friend to me, and never hurt me, so he's got +'s in her book, even though that was the first time she'd even met A or S, haha!)) after talking to Morgan and having dinner of Fried Rice. Mmmm, I love that place. Anywho. At A&S's house they introduced me to a PS2 game called Dance Dance Revolution(DDR). I had so much fun with that! Now I want to get it, I think I could lose so much weight if I had it. Stacey actually played it for a little while at first, and then had to feed her addiction, yes, even though I was there. I love Stacey, I still feel that she is my best friend in the world, but I worry about her addiction to WoW. We don't talk much like we used to, but now I know it's nothing personal, that she's just that way to everyone now. The only reason I worry, is because I've seen what addictions to online games can do to people..
**Stacey, if you read this: I love you, and I just worry about you.**
Anywho. Al sat and watched the rest of the Firefly series with me(I loved it! will own it eventually as well), and I met a friend of theirs, named Andy (not sure if that's how he spells it *shrugs*). We went for food after sunrise, and returned to the homestead. I got no sleep at all, *laughs* made for an interesting day. A&S returned me to Morgan's mother's house for the baby shower, and Al told me he wanted to see me again, as did Stacey. I told them my car wouldn't make it, there's no way, so Al offered to drive to Ok, pick me up, drive back to Ks for me to stay for a weekend, and then drive me home! Isn't that awesome! He's been such a good friend to me...I've known him for 10+ years, and he's not always been a great guy to people; however, he's never done anything wrong to me, or hurt me in any way, always been a good friend to me and I respect him for that. He even said he'd hurt so many, to which I responded, "you've never hurt me." He got quiet, then said, "No, you're right. I haven't. It's because you're just too nice." heh, Stacey says that to me allllll the time.
** I love you too Al**
--At Morgan's shower, I had expected Lynlee and Lisa to be there (girls I hadn't seen in like 3+ or so years). Lisa wasn't there, but Lynlee was. We sat together and talked for a long long time. She was interested in why I was so tired, and I think she put it best what she said in her blog, " I asked if it was anyone I knew - I got the 'I'll tell you but just don't get upset' look and she said she stayed with Stacey. I was confused - Did I know a Stacey? 'Al's fiancee...'" We talked about them, and I so did not want to hurt her or A&S, so I kept it as simple as possible, without getting too much in the middle. I got in the middle of a friendship once, and I got burned for it..I never want to do that again. I got her contact info and have been keeping in contact. I'm impressed. She has grown up, matured and become a much better person than the one I met years ago. "Being a mother will do that to you," she'd said to me. She told me she'd read Stacey's blog, from the comments posted on my blog, and said she seems like a really sweet girl. I told her, "she is, a great person, I'm just sorry you'll never know her the way I do." I will try to be friends with both sides, without stepping on either sides toes. My friends don't have to like each other, right?
--Got home Saturday night, I had only had the one hour in the car to sleep in about 19+ hours. I crashed as soon as I ate. Slept for a little while, then had to do homework. Finals this week and all. Oh so close to my associate's *cries* will take one summer class, and then hopefully will have it.
--My mom said I can borrow the car, and will be visiting Kansas again on the evening of the 19th-22nd.
--OH!! Ohio trip on the 30th, I'm super excited. Off with B-ville German Club to Cedar Point amusement park. Had fun last year, should be fun again. Then there's Vegas in the middle of June, Also excited.
--I met a girl on WoW. She lives in Canada and is 17. We get along really well, and I hope to have a pic of her to post soon. She asked me to be her Girlfriend, I'm just going to say it here cause I'm not sure my family reads this so it can't get back to my mother. Mom's a homophobe, big time. I like her, but I'm worried. I absolutely hate relationships that are long distance, especially ones that I've never even met the person...but we'll see. We talk, have fun on WoW, got a good friend at the very least. Never dated a girl before, so we'll just have to wait and see. I'm afraid I'll hurt her.

Anywho, I've blabbered enough for one night..will catch up more tomorrow!


Blogger Lynlee said...

No, your friends don't have to like each other... Though there are no ill-feelings from my side - just some general frustrations and things that never got said. <-to clarify- concerning Al, alone, and our past, not his present situation or Stacey.

I just wish after all this time that has passed that Al would have gotten past his anger just as I have tried, and accomplished to some degree. I hold out hope that one day he can forgive me for all of the hurt I caused him. While I'm not terribly optimistic that there could ever be a friendship - to be forgiven would certainly mean the world to me. He was one person, of very few, who never lied to me and for that I will always respect him.

Amanda- See how much you have to say if you just take the time to say it!?!

I have really enjoyed talking to you this past week and I am so glad that we reconnected. I wish you the best of luck on your finals and can't wait to hear the next chapter in the Story of the Canadian Girl.
Keep bloggin'!

11:50 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

I do believe that I am on the edge of my seat in the Canadian girl chapter myself, hehe. We shall see!

I hope that one day we will all be able to forgive and receive forgiveness for all the people whom we wronged and were wronged by. It's one of the few things that keeps me going. But until then, I just try to do my best and step on as few toes as possible.

My biggest downfall seems to be my ever trusting and forgiving nature. I just want to prove that there is good in everyone...unfortunately there doesn't seem to be((just haven't gotten that through my thick skull)), and I get hurt in the process. However, when it comes to dating I'm just too...i guess overwhelming would be the best word to use. I'm opinionated,my own person,and not afraid to tell you the truth if you ask for it. I'm not one to lie, if at all avoidable. But like i said, I just try to be the best I can be, even if it's for myself alone, with improvements everyday. :o)

7:47 PM  
Blogger Lynlee said...

"But like i said, I just try to be the best I can be, even if it's for myself alone, with improvements everyday."

I think thats all anyone can ever ask for...

9:25 AM  

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